You can start selling on WordPress using one of three free Shopify WordPress themes or the  Shopify WordPress Ecommerce Plugin.  As part of this plan, you’ll get access to additional features, like Facebook Shop, Shopify POS for iOS or Android, the Shopify app store, and 24/7 support.

If you’re already a Shopify merchant, but would also like to sell on WordPress, you can download and use the themes or the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin at no additional cost. For more information, go here.

When your products are placed on the WordPress site, it’s cheaper than having all the products on the Shopify site — which if you do it that way, monthly fees start at $29. Go here for information on that.

Simple is a free WordPress theme, built and designed specifically for use with the Shopify Buy Button plugin, from Themify, to simply turn your WordPress site into a store front, where customers can easily buy items without having to redirect to Shopify. Use Shopify to manage your shop and inventory, and use Themify Builder to design your storefront and website in WordPress.